Our Seoul in black and white

Have you ever wondered if, maybe, just maybe, some pictures are able to capture a little bit of a person’s soul? Sometimes, I think they do – when the photographer knows exactly which moment to snap the picture, catching his subject in a perfect still moment where their soul shows.

I’ve seen it in smiles, in gazes, in the way that the wind blows our hair. I think it’s beautiful, and it’s capturing these moments that has been my passion these days.

sara in black and whitesara and maia in black and whitemaia in black and white

All of this because, finally, about 5 months later, I decided to really go through all of my pictures from South Korea. Saying it took a while would be an understatement, and I might have used up a tissue or two wiping hypothetical tears because I miss that city so much, but I finally pulled through. After picking some of my absolute favorites out of mine and my friend Mariana’s camera roll, it somehow all came together in black and white – a style I am not usually one to pick but found so fitting in these pictures.

 SM artists at SM Town Mari and sara with BTS Maia in Gangnam

I always have said that, although black and white rarely fails to make a picture look good, it also gives it a gloomy vibe which I haven’t really ever wanted my pictures to have. However, looking at these, and as I write these words, I can finally understand why this style portrays these pictures in just the right way. And that is because of my very personal feelings toward them. You see, looking at these memories, 5 months after living them, brings me a strong sense of longing.

I miss that city like I have never missed a place before. I miss the friends I made there and the ones I left there. I miss the moments we all shared together in Noraebang and AirBnB houses, crowded streets and spicy food restaurants eating lamb skewers like crazy. It wasn’t just one thing or two about that trip that made it amazing. It was a lot of small, special things, and special people.

 Beautiful sara in Gyeongbokgung Maia in Gyeongbokgung Rae and her tattoo in black and whiteRae in Seoul Sara and Maia at a noraebang

Sometimes, I go talk to my friend and tell her ‘Mari, I miss Seoul so much today’. Sometimes, she will come up to me and tell me how she listened to a song and it made her think of Seoul too. And we will reminisce and hope that one day we get to go back. We hope that the friends we left there update us on what is going on over there, and send us pictures of the smallest things that make our hearts full of longing skip a beat.

Maia reading blonote at Arriate flower café Maia reading blonote at Arriate flower café Beautiful mug and flower at arriate flower café

And that is why black and white makes these pictures come alive. It brings out the nostalgia and longing towards a city that probably took a piece of me and kept it there safe and sound. Until another day, hopefully soon, when I go back and find it again.

Seoul (& Busan),

보고 싶다

(I miss you)

P.S.: Almost all of these pictures are from my lovely friend Mariana, so head on over to her instagram if you would like to see more!


Visiting a Cold Greenhouse: my favorite snapshots

Let’s talk about flowers. Simply because they are deserving of admiration and love – those beautiful living beings with so much hope inside them. I went looking for a place where I could be surrounded by them. I found it, and fell in love.

It was a Cold Greenhouse in the heart of Lisbon. The tranquility I found inside was so comfortable that we spent a lot more time inside than we were supposed to (because of that and also because we just wanted to take pictures of everything). The place is huge, too, with many paths within paths. I was in wonder at basically every flower and plant I came across and laughed at their names because I’m easily amused like that.

What took me there was an urge to create something that would express my admiration of flowers. I felt like it was founded on a principle worth sharing, and I wanted to do it through a medium that I love and that I haven’t delved into in sooo long (in about 3 years, to be more specific): video.

So I captured some moving images, and my friend who came along with me captured still ones of me and our beautiful surroundings. We got so many, I ended up not even knowing where to start. How do I use all of this material? Because everything is so beautiful and my friend has so much talent that so many pictures came out amazing. I have to use all of these! They can’t just stay tucked away in my folders.

‘And how exactly are you going to use the videos you captured at the Greenhouse?’ you ask.

Well, they are for me to put together  into one video, where I will tell you the reason why I love flowers so much; why exactly they are so important to me.

It seems fitting to talk about something I admire so much through a medium that I regard with the same love and wonder. I won’t go into what I’m discussing in my upcoming video now. No use being redundant, right? But, in case you might think I’m spending the 2 minutes of that video talking about just how pretty flowers are (they really are though!), I’ll give you a hint: it’s less about that and more about the similarities I have found between them and us ( blooming vs withering / growing vs suffering).

Not to be biased or anything, but I really really love how it’s turning out!

Right now, though, I just want to share with you how elated I felt visiting this beautiful place, and the pictures we took on our visit. Perhaps you can find a Cold Greenhouse near you next time you want to have a tranquil day out? I think it’s a great place to visit whether you want to go on your own or with your friends, your family, or your crush (lil’ kisses among flowers never hurt anyone *wink wonk*).

Or perhaps you’ll come to Lisbon and visit this one? If so, maybe I’ll see you there!

Anyone else out there who loves flowers like me? Do they have a special meaning to you?

Pictures taken by me & my friend Margarida (check out her instagram and give her love?)