Shy girl takes dance classes

“Maia the hip hop girl!” said my brother-in-law, when I took him out to shop for some training clothes for my new hip hop dance classes. He was laughing. “It just really doesn’t fit you.”

He is wrong, obviously. I have been a closeted hip hop dance goddess all my life, kept in the shadows by something called shyness. So I laughed with him said, “But it’s so much fun!” and went on to buy me some hip hop casual looking hip clothes.

Shy girl takes dance classes

So, yeah, this is what I wanted to share: I have committed a fair share of my money to take hip hop dance classes. I have wanted to do this for at least a decade but was always too scared to. I mean what if I suck and everyone laughs? What happens if the teacher tells me to dance on my own?

Most of all, I was scared of that reaction my brother-in-law had. Of my family laughing and looking at me like they can’t understand why a shy girl like me would ever want to take dance classes.

Now I just find it kind of adorable. The reaction, I mean. I wonder if one day I’ll get to show them my secret talent.

Dancing is the most fun I’ve had in a very long time even if I still suck at it

Yeah, I lied. I’m not a goddess of dancing. I really do suck because I still know so little but boy does the prospect of learning make me excited!

I’ll get back to you once I’ve gone from Extreme-Struggling-Beginner to Half-Decent-Little-Dancer.

Wish me luck!